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We are a business dedicated to providing accessible programming and coding education for both youth and adults.
  • Create innovative solutions to real-world problems.
  • Offering Courses, Workshops, and Tutoring
  • Teaching at School, Libraries, and more
  • Develop their technical skills and build their confidence.
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Fun and Engaging Learning
Spark their interest in programming and coding at an early age.Hands-on activities, interactive lessons, and gamified learning approaches help to make the learning experience exciting and enjoyable.
Networking and Professional Connections
A supportive environment where adults can connect, share experiences, and collaborate, leading to valuable professional connections and potential career opportunities.
Age-Appropriate Curriculum
The curriculum is tailored to their age group, ensuring that the content is accessible, engaging, and relevant to their developmental stage.
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Classes We Offer

In addition, we travel to other educational businesses to run workshops and 6 week class cycles. Also, offering tutoring for web development and computer science. More coming soon!
Scratch is a user-friendly visual programming language and platform developed by MIT that promotes creativity and problem-solving through interactive storytelling, gaming, and animations.
Scratch Jr is a kid-friendly programming language for creating interactive stories, games, and animations that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, computational thinking, and creativity skills.
Introduction to Web Development
The Introduction to Web Development curriculum covers the basic concepts of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, including creating a simple webpage, adding interactivity, and styling elements. Students will apply these skills in a final project, where they create a website about themselves with guidance from the instructor.
Web Development
The Web Development is a multi leveled curriculum, making more intense projects and focusing on back end development using today's frameworks and libraries, including but not limited too, Angular, NodeJS, and more.

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